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My name is James Oja and I have ten years of Construction  Experience and a College Diploma In Home Inspections from Ashworth College as well as Certified Professional Inspector designation from Internachi. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, or you’re trying to sell your current one, I’m ready to work with you. I am a licensed and accredited Home Inspector assisting clients through an informative step of the real estate process. If you want to work with  someone who has your best interests at heart, there’s no need to look any further. My GUARANTEE to you is that I’ll work hard on your behalf to make sure that you know every detail about your property investment.My GOAL is to ensure you don't end up with a tidal wave of unknown problems.


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We want our time spent together during the home inspection to be informative and enjoyable. We strive to be as thorough as possible but we also want our customers to enjoy themselves. We will inspect your potential new home as if we were buying it ourselves. We look at each house as a challenge. Regardless of the house's age, it has a story and it is our challenge to figure out as much of that story as possible. document it and provide the report to you.

Showing an Apartment

An incredibly proactive measure in a competitive real estate market is for an owner to have a property inspection performed on a property they are selling. The owner then knows exactly what condition the property is in. It avoids unexpected conflicts once a buyer is found and gives the owner an edge on competing properties for sale. 

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Thermal imaging  is a great way to help find issues that can't always be detected by sight alone. Thermal imaging allows us to see thermal temperature differences and variations.  I will use my thermal imager for investigative purposes to see what my eye can't.

We use the most advanced radon detector on the market, showing data in 2 hours. We also deliver a permanent monitoring system that you can keep for life regardless of where you move.


James did such an amazing Job during our Home Inspection. He made sure to cover all the basics and even went above and beyond giving us timelines of repairs and potential mechanical issues. 

Jennifer Wayland, Rawdon,NS

Wow, Super friendly, great client services provided by James. His report was detailed to the point i felt like i was walking through the inspection step by step with him. He added detailed pictures and descriptions so it was easy to grasp what he had seen. I highly recommend Brooklyn Home Inspection Services to anyone. 

Joshua Hanson, Dartmouth, NS

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